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Hello and Welcome to Universal Spells, Psychic Readings and White Magic Spells by Powerful Witches & a Shaman

Here at universal spells we offer same day psychic readings, standard readings and spell advice to help to improve your life. All of the psychics that work from the universal spells website are experienced, genuine and caring. This is not a company but a group of people who come together to share resources and offer their services to a wider audience. All of our practitioners have their own websites, but you are able to order readings directly with those individuals from here, or you can choose to have the soonest available psychic for an even quicker response time. We are also able to offer some same day psychic readings, and all of our clairvoyants have some availability for these each day (except Sundays and bank holidays)

Our psychic readings are genuine and helpful, and all of our readers operate in an individual manner, with full confidentiality and options for a pure psychic reading, and Angel reading, love reading or a psychic tarot reading. As we are not a company, but a group of reliable psychics that work together through a privately owned payment gateway to share resources, you will find that we are all approachable and genuine. We do have our own websites, and we work independently as well as from this psychic website. When you order a psychic reading you can choose to have it completed by Alexia, Laura, Raven,  Adam or Morgana .

There are also a number of other psychics that work independently that take the soonest available psychic readings if everyone else is booked up. They are exceptional psychics in their own right, but they are not full-time workers from this website, of course you may know them from elsewhere on the web. If you’re need is very urgent then we would suggest that you book a same day reading, just so that there is not a longer wait than necessary. We offer helpful and realistic advice on all psychic matters as well spells.Our practitioners can offer white magic spells, these are usually arranged direct from the individual’s website, and they will be cast especially for you, all of the spells that our witches and psychics offer of custom created workings and specialist rituals . Nothing is standard about the spells. All of the practitioners are experienced and also offer powerful but safe spell castings.

When you need to speak to a white witch about your situation we can help you with that, but putting you in touch with someone that is suitable for your needs. Although we no longer offer the option to actually book from this website, you are able to see the members of the group that offer their work from here, and get their direct website details so that you can contact them directly. It is to your advantage to mention that you saw them on universal spells, and they won’t know that you are most likely looking for one of the series of spell casting is that are offered from this website. That is a series of 4 casts , or a series of 10 casts. We plan spells for people from all walks of life with our extensive spell casting and occult knowledge. We are all UK based and offer a fast and reliable service. Often starting your casting on the day of booking, as long as time is available for the preparation and arrangements.

As you will have seen above we offer spells and rituals as well as psychic readings and operate free of charge healing list. All of our spells are cast for your highest good, we do not use black magic, the work that we do is very powerful and intense and you will find that whoever you choose to cast for you will be kind, sensitive and supportive of your needs. It is a good idea to have a look through our site and see what we have on offer here, as well as the way that we work as this has changed recently. The spells that we offer come into variants. There is a short casting which includes the spell cast 4 times for you, and the longer spell series includes 10 spell castings. Everything will be clearly laid out for you after you approach one of our spiritual workers, the spells are equally powerful the only difference is the length of the actual series. All of the work is custom based on your personal situation. We find custom spells are the best way forward, everyone is an individual and it is wise to treat them that way!

 Make Universal Spells psychics your first choice when you need positive accurate psychic tarot readings, choose to have them delivered to you online, by email or by post. 

Our psychics provide a reliable service, including psychic or tarot advice, clairvoyant and spiritual tarot reading and most of them specialise in relationship matters. We offer free distance healing too upon request. We are all UK based psychics and are internationally well known Psychics and tarot readers. If you are ready to order your psychic reading now, you can click here to place your order online and your psychic or tarot reading will come directly to  your inbox, or to you at home by first class post.

 Please note that we do not cover the following areas/issues within our psychic readings. Health, including pregnancy issues, childbirth, death or lottery numbers. Please do not order on these subjects.

Mini Clairvoyant Reading, 1  specific question- this reading is approx 250 words £10 Click here to order
Clairvoyant Reading, 2 specific question- this reading is approx 500 words £15 Click here to order
Clairvoyant Reading, 4 specific question- this reading is approx 800 words £25  Click here to order